Geraldo: Romney Is a Secret Mexican
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We can already see the liberal media’s array of smears forming up against likely Republican candidate Mitt Romney, including dog cruelty! Apparently the Irish Setter traveled in a dog carrier on top of the family car during a trip to Canada. (I’m guessing the car was filled up with Romney kids with no room for a big pooch.)

Another animal image was conjured up by Texas’ Rick Perry, that of “vulture capitalism” in describing Bain business practice. Very colorful, Rick! The newsroom apparatchiks are grateful.

One of the more unlikely and nonsensical propaganda forays is the idea of Mitt’s grandfather was a secret Mexican and Gov. Romney won’t fess up to the skeleton in his closet.

Hispanic booster Geraldo Rivera recently complained on Fox News that Romney’s tough immigration enforcement stand doesn’t square with his grandfather fleeing Utah for polygamy-friendly Mexico: “How can you talk about all these Mexicans and never mention that your father is one of them and your grandfather is one of them?” (More at

Somehow I doubt that granddad went native, and don’t think photos of Romney relatives in sombreros and serapes will be appearing any time soon.

However, it is likely that the public will hear much more about Romney’s polygamous background from the press than we ever learned about the Obama family polygamy.

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