George Zimmerman and Larry Auster: Double Bad News
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The spiteful re imprisonment of George Zimmerman on a technicality of course serves no public safety or legitimate judicial purpose, serving merely to prejudice the Jury and perhaps force Zimmerman into a plea bargain. Larry Auster correctly assesses:

From the moment he was charged with 2nd degree murder I felt that I was watching a terrible miscarriage of justice and that they’re going to railroad him. I felt it was odd that conservatives immediately after his arrest began saying it was likely he would be acquitted at trial. The man was already the victim of a Communist-style prosecution; why should anyone believe he would be acquitted at trial or that the evidence was what mattered here rather than the state’s determination to find him guilty no matter what?

This was in response to a reader saying, accurately

In this Zimmerman case I see a microcosm of the way that the whole American concept of blind justice is being thrown out the window. It’s truly terrifying.

My own view is that poor Zimmerman is doomed.

As if this was bad news enough, Larry Auster has today disclosed his pancreatic cancer has started up again

This is horrible. His work is of incomparable value. America needs Larry Auster. wishes him the best. We appeal to our friends for their prayers.

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