George Zimmerman Acquitted: Conservatism Inc Convicted
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The late Trayvon Martin. (Up to date) pictures don't lie

The (frankly astonishing) George Zimmerman news has just broken: Zimmerman acquitted of all charges for killing Trayvon Martin Ellen Wulfhorst Reuters Sat Jul 13, 2013

A great deal needs to be said and will be said about what the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman phenomenon means about 21st century America.

But what I choose to say with trademark chivalry is that this development is a massive condemnation of the cowardice and rotten judgment of Conservatism IncRich Lowry, David Frum, Hugh Hewitt and so many others – who rushed to condemn poor Zimmerman rather than defy the PC consensus on a racial question.

On the bright side, it got John Derbyshire finally Derbyshired, freeing him to write for us.

For an insight into the MSM lynch mob mentality at the time, see "Take A Snapshot Of The Bleeding Mess"—Left MSM Flashmob Against John Derbyshire?

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