Hugh Hewitt Channels Pontius Pilate
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But at least Pontius Pilote publicly acknowledged that Jesus of Nazareth was innocent.  In an interview of Roger L. Simon of PJ Media, Hugh Hewitt, RINO, went on an unhinged attack on George Zimmerman.  Basically Hewitt stated that Zimmerman could not be other than found guilty based solely on the anticipated rioting by blacks.  (Sorry, no link as for some reason this particular episode of his show did not have a transcript posted and you have to pay for a podcast.)  Hewitt went further, pronouncing Zimmerman guilty based on factual and legal errors surrounding the false claim that the Sanford Police Department dispatcher's command to Zimmerman to stop following Martin.

First, there was no command from the dispatcher.  The dispatcher merely told Zimmerman that they did not need him to be following Martin.  In any event Martin easily outdistanced Zimmerman, who lost sight of Martin.  Zimmerman, after loosing sight of Martin, agreed with the dispatcher and stopped following Martin, then went to find an address to relay to the responding officers so they could find him.  It was not until after Zimmerman was heading back to his vehicle that he was confronted and attacked by Martin.  But in the end, a police dispatcher has no legal authority to instruct anyone on anything.

One would think that a practicing attorney would know that, one would think that a professor at a law school would know that, and one would think that a supposed Christian, I guess "Christian" only in the sense that Barak Hussein Obama, Al Sharpton, and Jesse "Hymie Town" Jackson are Christians, would realize that sacrificing a man at the demand of a mob was a sin, a major sin, a sin that was at the center of the Crucifixion of Hewitt's supposed Savior.  But I guess that Hewitt has just not internalized the lessons of Calvary.  But one would think that an officer of the court would realize that we don't convict people of crimes to assuage the mob.  To do so would end our Republic as we know it.  But that is fine with Hewitt, who only wants to be the respectable looser, the tax collector for the welfare state, to be a gelded showman, profiting off opposition to the regime, but in reality cooperating with the radical left, as exemplefied by the campaign he led against Tom Tancredo's run for governor of Colorado.

Also of interest is Hewitt's statement that he will not cover the Zimmerman issue, other than to "announce" whatever upcoming verdict.  Which tells us that the reality of black crime and the railroading of Zimmerman, the most important issue of the day, will be ignored by someone who claims to cover the issues.  It was also interesting to listen to Simon's non-response to Hewitt.  He sounded incredibly uncomfortable, especially given that PJ Media recently posted a significant attack on the Zimmerman Affidavit from a gun-nut who previously took the Hugh Hewitt stance that Zimmerman was guilty until proven innocent.

So, it looks like the internet conservatives are soon to replace the lickspittles like Hewitt and Rich Lowry in the RINO MSM, as observed by Hunter Wallace at Occidental Dissent.

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