Gang Bill Omits Empowered Border Commission Rubio Promised - Will He Denounce?
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H/T One Old Vet

On Tuesday I asked Rubio Caves On "Illegal Immigrant" Term - And What Else? and today the sometimes excellent Byron York provided an answer: On immigration, the Gang of Eight security promise that wasn’t The Washington Examiner April 20,2013

When the Gang of Eight was crafting its comprehensive immigration reform proposal …pro-reform Republicans on Capitol Hill often pointed to the various triggers they said would ensure the bill’s border-security directives are actually carried out.

One key trigger, they claimed, was the creation and empowerment of something called the Southern Border Security Commission…it would have real legal authority to actually carry out the border security measures that the Secretary of Homeland Security had failed to accomplish.

Guess what?

…as it turns out, the structure Gang sources described is simply not in the bill….There is nothing about the Commission going from “being an advisory panel to a policy-making one.” The strict trigger that Gang sources advertised as being in the bill just isn’t there.

This is particularly bad for the reputation of Marco Rubio, who stressed the idea in his Talk Show parade, and, it appears, misrepresented the facts even after the bill was published:

“If, in five years, the plan has not reached 100 percent awareness and 90 percent apprehension, the Department of Homeland Security will lose control of the issue and it will be turned over to the border governors to finish the job,” Rubio told radio host Mark Levin shortly after the bill was made public. “Which is not a Washington commission, made up of congressmen or bureaucrats. It’s largely led by the border state governors, who have a vested local interest in ensuring that that border is secure.”

( emphasis) Not only is there no transfer of legal control, the fangless Commission will have:

…six Washington-based appointments and four border state appointments, which may or may not be the border state governors.

The Democrats will tolerate no threat to their Open Borders Bill.

Those clinging to hope over Rubio may suggest he is naïve or foolish and has been outmaneuvered by more devious men.

This is wrong.  Rubio is not naïve. His allying with the Treason Lobby has brought him many fruits.

To Rubio, what matters is not that he appears as a craven renegade to those who elected him. What matters is that he be judged a dependable servant to his Treason Lobby Paymasters.

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