French Police Admit Dumping Migrants In Italy
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Relations between France and Italy have collapsed in recent weeks as French president Emmanuel Macron has savagely criticized Matteo Salvini for the Italian's opposition to mass immigration. Now, the battle has escalated to outright biological warfare, as servants of the French state are dumping migrants in Italy. 

French gendarmes have admitted driving two undocumented immigrants over the Italian border without Italy's permission, in what French authorities said was a mistake. 

The incident took place last Friday, when Italian police spotted a van belonging to their French counterparts near Claviere, a ski resort on the border between south-east France and north-west Italy that runs through the Alps. 

The French officers reportedly ushered two men out of the vehicle into some nearby woodland, then drove back towards France.

Public prosecutors in Italy have opened an investigation into the incident, which was partly captured on camera by the Italian officers.

French authorities confirmed on Monday evening that a gendarme van had crossed the border during an operation to deport undocumented migrants. Officers alerted a police station on the Italian side, according to the Hautes-Alpes prefecture, but the vehicle was not supposed to enter Italy.

[French police admit taking two migrants over the Italian border 'by mistake,' The Local, October 16, 2018]

It's hard to believe this was a "mistake" when the migrants were guided into the woods, as if the French police were deliberately trying to help them avoid Italian authorities. Salvini certainly isn't buying it.

The right-wing Northern League party leader and the country's Interior minister said the French authorities’ drop off of the migrants in Italian territory “is an unprecedented offence against Italy” and said in an Instagram post on Tuesday that “we don’t accept apologies”...

He went on to question whether international organizations such as the United Nations and Europe “don’t find it ‘sickening’ to leave people in an isolated area with no assistance.

“We are faced with an international shame and Mr (Emmanuel) Macron cannot pretend nothing has happened,” Salvini went on. “We don't accept the apology.”

[France deliberately dropped off migrants in Italian woods, Salvini says, RT, October 16, 2018]

This is an important point that journalists often ignore. Simply dumping migrants in European nations doesn't do much to help the migrants. They have no skills, no job, can't speak the language, and no means of support. However, it does hurt the host nation. Deliberately inflicting harm on European nations seems to be the primary motivation behind the current wave of migration. Macron is attempting to use migration as a way to break the current Italian government and prevent a Brexit style move towards exiting the European Union.

Assisting migrants in invading Europe is an act of malevolence and hatred, not compassion. It is refreshing that Salvini understands this.

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