Fred Reed Trashing Again, Yawn
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Fred Reed's latest article In Search of Intelligent Latin Policy, [, April 7, 2018] includes this friendly note:

If the Alt-Right wanted only to stop immigration, deport criminals, end affirmative action and so on, it would do no harm. Unfortunately it inveighs against all people of Latin-American descent, whose presence it regards as portending every kind of disaster known to man and perhaps some not yet discovered. Sites like and Breitbart News endlessly paint Latins as stupid, filthy, socially irresponsible, and unable to learn English. This does not bode will for the future of a country in which Latin and Anglo will have to live together.

Then there's this:

For example, I have read in Alt-Right sites like Vdare and Breitbart News for years that Mexicans in particular are filthy, throw trash everywhere, and leave their children in dirty diapers. They do not. Neither do Argentines, Peruvians, or Chileans, or any Latin-Americans I have seen. These stories are usually anonymous or vague enough to make verification difficult, at times clearly fraudulent, and those posting them seldom seem to have bothered with fact-checking. After all, it’s the spirit of the thing that counts.

Here's what one of the commenters responded:

Fred, when the urge to recycle columns such as this one seizes you, take two aspirin, or drink a Tecate beer (or two) or do whatever, until the urge passes. I read VDare regularly and your characterization of its content is highly inaccurate. You’re good on other subjects, so don’t embarrass yourself by ones like these.

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