For California Universities, Washington Gives and Sacramento Takes Away, but Citizen Students Lose
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Educational benefits are being handed out at Sac State by the federal government to "migrant" workers, the vast majority of whom are illegal aliens. There's always taxpayer money available to be spent on moocher foreigners even while 15 million Americans are jobless.
California State University, Sacramento will receive more than $450,000 in federal funding for a program that serves migratory and agricultural farm worker families, as well as $22,000 in federal money to provide scholarships for disadvantaged nursing students.

The one-year grant of $451,221 was awarded to the Bilingual and Multicultural Education Department's High School Equivalency Program by the U.S. Department of Education. The federal agency expects to continue awarding the grant for five years, for a total of $2.25 million, according to a university news release.

Since its creation in 1993, the CSUS program has helped more than 1,700 migratory and seasonal workers and their families pass the General Education Diploma examinations in English and Spanish. The program also provides counseling to help graduates move into better and higher-paying jobs, or continue their education at vocational and community colleges. [Sac State awarded farm worker grant, Sacramento Bee, July 18, 2009]

(As then-ESL teacher Joe Guzzardi noted in 2004, California's GED certificate has no indication when the test is given in Spanish.)

But while the feds are dispensing funds for illegal alien education, elsewhere the system is collapsing: CSU shuts door on spring enrollment.

(07-09) — For the first time, the California State University will accept no new students for its spring semester, CSU announced Thursday.

About 35,000 students enroll each spring. But CSU needs to cut $584 million from its budget and has slammed that door shut.

Even low-level parasites understand the need to feed moderately in order to maintain the survival of the host organism. However California's voracious freeloaders, including public employee unions, Sacramento Democrats and illegal aliens, are not that advanced.
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