Fleeing "Texas Priest" Actually Filipino Priest--Of Course.
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The NY Post published this AP story today under the the headline Texas priest disappears amid molestation allegations:

DALLAS — A Texas priest who’s accused of molesting teens and stealing from his parish has gone missing.

St. Cecilia Catholic Church officials believe the Rev. Edmundo Paredes may have fled to his native country of the Philippines, The Dallas Morning News reported. He’d been a pastor at the church for 27 years.

Dallas police have found the sexual abuse allegations to be credible, said Bishop Edward Burns. Paredes is no longer allowed to function or present himself as a priest, he said.

The church first began investigating Paredes in May 2017 over allegations he stole $60,000 to $80,000 in cash from the parish. Paredes admitted to the financial misconduct and was suspended from the ministry and removed from the church in June 2017, Burns said.[More]

One question, unasked by either the Post or the Dallas Morning News, is how this guy got from the Philippines to Texas.

Sometimes it's an R-Visa, on the theory that there's a shortage of priests in America, but this guy apparently graduated from a seminary in Irving, Texas.

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