Fertility Freakout Rolls Onward
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A female reader calls my attention to a minor article about Bristol Palin's fiance attending the GOP convention on the website of the San Francisco Chronicle, a fairly minor big city newspaper. And yet, in the ten hours that the article has been up on the SF Chronicle's website, it has garnered (let me check the latest) well over 1000 comments. This story isn't some exclusive scoop for the SF Chronicle—they just took it from the AP feed, so it's reasonable to guess the same scale of reaction is happening nationwide.

My reader adds:

I've never seen anything quite like it. BTW, I get comments w/ my five, but, let me "wear" my baby in a bjorn carrier w/ my four in tow and strangers make scenes...
Offhand, the only political whoop-te-doos that I can recall to compare to this in frenzy were Monica Lewinsky and Anita Hill. Hmmhmhmm, what did they all have in common?
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