Bay Area Muslims Organize To "Negotiate" With America
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Muslims residing in the United States appear to be organizing to advance their influence on American society.

A large coalition of Muslim nonprofit groups and mosques has taken the first steps to build a unifying Bay Area network. By working together, they hope not only to develop a common voice, but also to more effectively serve their growing community. [...]

"Until we Muslims are organized in San Diego, as well as Central and Northern California," he said, "we will not be able to negotiate our future as we ought to as the largest Muslim population in the country." [Muslims form coordinated Bay Area network, San Francisco Chronicle, September 3, 2008]

For what end do they wish to "negotiate"? Sharia law? Polygamy? The oppression of women? Why not assimilate to American values if they immigrated here of their own free will? Washington should have ended Muslim immigration from terror-supporting states after 9/11, but remains too PC to protect the American people.

As a recent example of their ceaseless demands, consider the irritating Muslims in Canada who want a city swimming pool built to their religious specifications: Aquatic centre's windows pose problem for Muslim women.

The new aquatic centre at Halifax's planned $40.5-million Mainland Common Centre will include two 25-metre pools and lots of big windows designed to handle natural and artificial light.

For one user group - Muslim women who like to swim - the window configuration at the centre is a concern, municipal officials familiar with the project said Friday. That's because modesty and privacy are paramount for these religious women.

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