Fertility Freakout Rolls Onward
September 03, 2008, 06:25 PM
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A female reader calls my attention to a minor article about Bristol Palin`s fiance attending the GOP convention on the website of the San Francisco Chronicle, a fairly minor big city newspaper. And yet, in the ten hours that the article has been up on the SF Chronicle`s website, it has garnered (let me check the latest) well over 1000 comments. This story isn`t some exclusive scoop for the SF Chronicle—they just took it from the AP feed, so it`s reasonable to guess the same scale of reaction is happening nationwide.

My reader adds:

I`ve never seen anything quite like it. BTW, I get comments w/ my five, but, let me "wear" my baby in a bjorn carrier w/ my four in tow and strangers make scenes...
Offhand, the only political whoop-te-doos that I can recall to compare to this in frenzy were Monica Lewinsky and Anita Hill. Hmmhmhmm, what did they all have in common?