Proof Rich Lowry Is A Pansy
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Big Rich Lowry, so courageous in supporting the racist Al Sharpton against a decent gun owner of color, has turned off the comments on his announcement of the firing of John Derbyshire in The Corner.  Typical of the cowardly Right.  They know they are wrong, they know that American conservatives are revolting against the Demoncrat racists like Sharpton and Jesse Jackson who are running this country, but Lowry has more concern for his Manhattan dinner party invitations than honest discussion of the black race war on whites, and Asians by the way.  Is it that Lowry just doesn't care about Derb's wife?  Is Lowry down with the black penchant for killing Asians?  We know he doesn't care about the white victims of Al Sharpton.  Or even the Jewish victims of Al Sharpton.  Does that make Lowry anti-Semitic as well as anti-Asian, anti-white and anti-Hispanic?

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