Giving Money To John Derbyshire, And Why
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John Derbyshire, latest victim of what is obviously a co-ordinated drive to purge the MSM, has just added a donate link to his website. I urge readers to help him.

Derbyshire writes on his site:

"I live entirely, and somewhat precariously, by the pen". 

He does not add that his chemotherapy now makes him too sick to work for about two weeks each month.

I have long viewed the pygmies at National Review with such contempt that it rarely occurs to me to expect anything of them—but, really, how hard would it have been for Rich Lowry to say that, although he disapproved of this one column (grovel, grovel) which of course did not actually appear on NR (more grovels), he could not fire a sick man, with a family to support, who had given such loyal service for 15 years?

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