Federale on Obama Stealth Amnesty stratagems
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The Federale blog (displaying valuable technical expertise which is sadly reminiscent of our now-wearied Juan Mann) has published a valuable consolidation of the Stealth Amnesty techniques being employed by the Obama Administration.

These include

Just not arresting illegal aliens • Catch-and-releaseRe-interpreting established law and policy in favor of illegal aliens

Federale has previously identified the proposed strategy of turning EOIR Hearing Officers (“Judges”) into Federal Judge-like legislators
The immigration bar/treason bar believes that these new judges will begin to ignore the law as written and launch their own long march through the immigration system, making the removal of any alien an impossibility. To them, any regulation that placed any restriction on any alien was a travesty and a violation of the Constitution and the law.
The Zeituni atrocity and the Gonzalez-Sandoval outrage has caused Federale to identify another loophole being used

• Not appealing bad EOIR rulings:

The new aspect of the Administrative Amnesty is to not follow up any adverse decision with an appeal. We learned this from the failure of DHS to appeal the absurd decision by Hearing Officer Leonard Shapiro who granted asylum to Obama’s aunt Zeituni Onyango. The decision to not appeal was clearly part of the Obama Amnesty, offering multiple attempts at asylum in violation of the law.
Dry stuff, perhaps, but extremely deadly.

Thanks a lot, John McCain

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