Aunt Zeituni: Left Disinformation Campaign mounts
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I see the fanatical leftist blog TPMMuckraker is publicizing one of the lies that Leonard I. Shapiro the ”Judge” (actually EOIR bureaucrat) employed to reverse two previous hearings and give President Obama’s Aunt Zeituni asylum: Obama's Aunt Given Asylum Due To Pre-Election Leaks Ryan J Reilly August 16 2010

In fact, as the Federale blog said in its definitive discussion on the matter, Shapiro was

a Hearing Officer in an immigration proceeding, not a judge of any sort; not a federal magistrate judge or a District Court judge. Any leak of information should have had no bearing on his decision,

Even more interesting was Shapiro's false claim that President Bush issued an order to stop arrests and deportations of all illegal aliens in response to the leak of Onyango's status, but, in fact, Bush was informed about Onyanga's status before it was leaked and the order issued before the leak. The leak was in response to the order, not the cause of the order…

To the Shapiros of this world, Democratic Campaign assertions are US Immigration law. Bush's stupid chivalry gained nothing for him or his Party.

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