McCain Reneges On Birthright Citizenship Review
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The Hot Air blog says it well:
The primary’s 10 days away, he’s sitting on a 20-point lead and outspending Hayworth three to one, and he should win the general comfortably. He’s finally out of danger, in other words.

Which means, for the first time in a long time … it’s Maverick time.

This refers to McCain says he doesn't back 14th Amendment change By BOB CHRISTIE AP Aug 13 2010
PHOENIX (AP) — Breaking with Republican leaders in the Senate, U.S. Sen. John McCain says he is not requesting hearings into the constitutional amendment that grants automatic citizenship to babies born in the United States, and doesn't support changing the Constitution
(No doubt Angry White Dude will eventually say it better.)

Hot Air, however, then goes on to make a serious analytical error:

It’s not citizenship for their kids that’s the chief incentive for illegals, it’s jobs, so if deterrence is the name of the game, punishing businesses for hiring “the undocumented” will put a bigger dent in the inflow of illegals than anything else.
The name of the game is saving the historic American nation. This requires effective border control and ending Birthright Citizenship (and reduction of legal immigration too).

As things stand right now, the Open Borders crowd apparently cannot push through Amnesty. But time is on their side. As the illegal invasion breeds, heavily subsidized by the American Taxpayer, the future voting patterns of the country inevitably shift.

Abolishing Birthright Citizenship will drastically slow this process down, producing a Swiss situation. Abolition does not address the economic or social damage done by excessive immigration, but it does address the political problem – quite effectively. That is why the nation-destroyers including the Neoconservatives are so hysterical. They see it robs them of something they had banked – and might split away their Cheap Labor Lobby allies too.

So why has McCain spoken now? He knows enough about combat. Why take an unnecessary risk?

Probably because, like Mike Huckabee, he has got The Call from his paymasters. They are really frightened by this sudden firestorm, and are calling in a chip.

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