February Farm Attacks And Murders, Elderly White Couple Burned Alive—Another Month In The Death Of White South Africa
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See, last month: January Farm Attacks And Murders—Another Month In The Death Of White South Africa

There have been 168,164 farm attacks in South Africa since 2010. During that period, 22,786 victims died white another 56,320 fled the country to live abroad.

The violence continues. Below are some of the attacks that occurred within recent days.

  • Oom Tas, age 86, and his life partner, Tannie Duifie Oosthuizen, age 84, died after being burned alive inside their home during a farm attack. Their charred bodies were identified through DNA. The incident occurred February 5, 2021 at Cilvale, Welbekend area, in Bapsfontein, Gauteng in South Africa.

Reports say the couple was found locked in their bedroom. The fire was set in the home’s lounge.

Blood found outside the home indicates the couple had been attacked prior to being forced into their home, where they later perished in flames.

[NO EXCUSES! Old Couple Tortured & Burnt Alive in Bapsfontein! DA Blames Police for Ignoring Rural Safety, unattributed, 94.7fm.co.za, February 8, 2021]

  • A 75-year-old man was killed during an early morning home invasion in Mbombela, South Africa. The unidentified victim was apparently fatally stabbed. The victim’s elderly wife was stabbed multiple times, but managed to call the couple’s landlord after the attack.

Reports say the couple moved into the home on January 15, 2021. The incident occurred March 3, 2021, reports say.

[Murder in suburbia – elderly West Acres couple attacked, by Chelsea Pieterse, Kara van der Berg, and Linzetta Calitz, lowvelder.co.za, March 3, 2021]

  • A homeowner survived an attack after an intruder shot him in the head and fatally shot a domestic worker. Sixty-year-old Daniel Wyser was airlifted from his home in the Villieria neighborhood of Pretoria, South Africa to a hospital in Johannesburg.

A report says Wyser was found bound in the home’s restroom by a friend who stopped by the house.

The crime reportedly occurred after 8:30 a.m. on March 3, 2021. Wyser and his employee were discovered at about 10:45 that morning.

[Homeowner ‘stable’ after shot in head in Moot robbery, by Carli Koch, rekord.co.za, March 3, 2021]

  • In Koperfontein, near Derby, a farm attack occurred on March 4, 2021.

Three intruders assaulted a family in the early morning hours. The victims were beaten with a metal pipe and bound. One attacker said he planned to kill at least one member of the family. Fortunately, a female victim managed to alert another family member on an upper floor who contacted neighbors. Upon realizing their dilemma, the intruders fled, but not without threatening to rape the woman.

“A firearm and three phones were stolen in the attack,” according to southafricatoday.net.

Koperfontein is located in the North West province of South Africa.

[Farm attack, family assaulted with a steel pipe, tied up, robbed, Koperfontein, via Oorgrens veiligheid, southafricatoday.net, March 5, 2021]

  • Four attackers overpowered a man when they broke into his home in Rhenosterfontein, Rustenburg, in the North West Province of South Africa. Two of the intruders carried firearms. One was armed with a panga.

The victim was beaten and bound as the intruders ransacked his farm house. The victim was left traumatized, but not seriously injured.

[Farm attack, four armed attackers assault, tie up man, Rhenosterfontein, Rustenburg, via Oorgrens veiligheid, southafricatoday.net, March 5, 2021]

  • An attacker was fatally shot in the Kirkwood area of the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. He was one of six attackers who invaded a farmhouse at Steenbokvlakte, according to southafricatoday.net. Another attacker was wounded. The farmer, Johannes de Lange, below, was seriously injured in the encounter, requiring surgery at a nearby hospital.

That attack reportedly occurred March 3, 2021.

Three suspects were arrested.

[3 More farm attackers arrested after farmer shoots 1 dead and wounds another, Kirkwood, via Oorgrens veiligheid, southafricatoday.net, March 5, 2021]

[Farm attack: Farmer seriously injured by 6 attackers, manages shoot 1 dead, Kirkwood, via Oorgrens veiligheid, southafricatoday.net, March 3, 2021]

  • Two elderly owners of a popular lions park were assaulted at the Seaview Predator Park near Port Elizabeth in South Africa. A report says Janice and Rusty Gibb, ages 81 and 79 respectively, were assaulted by two black males near the park’s gate. One of the attackers carried a firearm while the other was armed with a knife.

The attackers apparently broke into the park, hid in shrubs, and ambushed the couple upon their arrival. The assailants reportedly beat their victims in their faces, then made off with a wallet and cell phone.

That attack reportedly occurred March 2, 2021 at 10:30 a.m.

[Elderly owners of Seaview lion park ambushed, assaulted, robbed, Port Elizabeth, via Oorgrens veiligheid, southafricatoday.net, March 3, 2021]

  • Five alleged attackers were arrested and five firearms recovered after a farm attack in Thabazimbi near Brits in the Limpopo province of South Africa. The suspects were taken into custody through a joint effort by police and private security organizations.

“Five attackers aged between 27 and 34 were arrested and a number of robbed items, including electronic equipment, clothes and other household items were recovered,” according to southafricatoday.net.

The attack occurred February 28, 2021.

[Thabazimbi farm attack, security companies pursue, arrest 5 attackers, Brits, via Oorgrens veiligheid, southafricatoday.net, March 2, 2021]

  • An unknown number of assailants assaulted and bound a woman during a home invasion in Boschkop, on the Dorstfontein road, east of Pretoria in the Gauteng province of South Africa. The intruders ransacked the woman’s home before loading stolen goods onto a small truck.

The unidentified woman managed to release herself after the attack.

The incident occurred February 25, 2021 at 8:30 a.m.

[Farm attack, woman overpowered, assaulted, tied up, Boschkop, via Oorgrens veiligheid, southafricatoday.net, February 25, 2021]

  • An elderly woman survived a farm attack in Paarl in the Western Cape province of South Africa after being shot in the back of the head. A report says a group of black males entered the property of the Farm Vergesig in a small truck.

The intruders pretended to be interested in purchasing sheep, but then demanded cash and firearms after which one of the assailants shot the victim in the back of her head.

Drakenstein Farm Watch (DFW) reportedly responded and treated the woman’s injuries, secured the crime scene for police, and waited with the victim for an ambulance.

The incident occurred February 25, 2021.

[Farm attack, elderly woman shot in the head, Paarl, via Drakenstein Farm Watch, southafricatoday.net, February 25, 2021]

  • More than five attackers overpowered farmer Vernon Brandt at his home in the Mpumalanga province of South Africa. Reports say Brandt was assaulted and bound as the intruders ransacked his home.

The assailants made off with firearms, household items, and Brandt’s small Toyota pickup truck.

The crime occurred February 24, 2021.

[Farm attack, man assaulted, tied up by 5 attackers, home ransacked, Standerton, via Oorgrens veiligheid, southafricatoday.net, February 24, 2021]

  • An elderly man was aroused from his sleep by a home invader at his farm in Pretoria West in the Gauteng province of South Africa.

Henry Roets was reported stabbed twice by the intruder. Reports say the commotion woke family members who contacted authorities. The attacker, who was attempting to steal a television, fled.

The incident occurred February 23, 2021.

[Farm attack, man who was woken by attacker in his room, stabbed, Pretoria, via Oorgrens veiligheid, southafricatoday.net, February 23, 2021]

  • 45-year-old Jan De Jager and his 78-year-old mother, Willa Joubert, were attacked on their Banklaagte farm just outside Betha in Mpumalanga, South Africa.

The woman was beaten and bound as the intruders, described as four males and one female, who ransacked the home.

De Jager was lured to the farm’s gate where he was assaulted with an iron dropper. His mother was beaten with a hockey stick, a report said.

The assailants reportedly made off with R3,000 cash from a safe and two firearms.

The crime occurred February 25, 2021.

[Woman assaulted as suspects ransack farm home in Pretoria, The Citizen, citizen.co.za, February 25, 2021]

  • A farm attack was reported in the Louis Trichardt area of the Limpopo province in South Africa. Three intruders reportedly bound and assaulted two farm workers. The attackers proceeded to the farm house where the elderly couple who owned the farm was bound and severely beaten with pangas.

The criminals reportedly stole weapons and household items before fleeing in the couple’s vehicle.

The incident occurred after dark on February 18, 2021.

[Farmer and employees attacked in Musina, three suspects at large, by Cheryl Kahla, thesouthafrican.com, February 20, 2021]

  • Another elderly farm couple was attacked in Muldersdrift, Krugersdorp, in the Gauteng province of South Africa. The couple was severely beaten and their vehicle stolen, a report says. Little other information was provided.

That attack occurred February 18, 2021.

[Farm attack, elderly couple severely assaulted, robbed vehicle lookout, Muldersdrift, via Oorgrens veiligheid, southafricatoday.net, February 18, 2021]

  • A 48-year-old woman was brutally stabbed in the face after intruders attacked a farm family in Roodeplaat just southwest of Pretoria, in the Gauteng province of South Africa.

Little information was given regarding the attack other than that trauma counseling was provided for the distraught family members.

The attack occurred February 17, 2021.

[Farm attack, family overpowered in their home, woman stabbed in the face, Roodeplaat, via Oorgrens veiligheid, southafricatoday.net, February 19, 2021]

  • Months earlier a nearby farmer was fatally shot in Kameeldrift, a farming area near Roodeplaat. A report says two individuals approached the unidentified victim as he was repairing an electric fence. One of the individuals shot the farmer who was later declared dead at the scene. No suspects have been named and no motive was established.

That murder was reported September 28, 2019.

[Manhunt under way for Kameeldrift farm murder suspects, by Nicole McCain, news24.com, September 28, 2019]

  • 74-year-old Goberdhan Sahadew was fatally stabbed on Holmbosch farm outside KwaDukuza in the KwaZulu Natal province of South Africa. Reports say two attackers entered the victim’s home, assaulted, strangled, and stabbed him once in the chest. Taken in the attack were the victim’s cell phones, shotgun, cash and other items. The suspects also stole the man’s vehicle, a report says.

Charged with murder and robbery are Nhlanhla Mhlongo, age 22 and Sakhile Cele, age 25.

The murder occurred February 6, 2021. The arrests were made February 14, 2021.

[Best friends’ arrested for KZN farmer’s murder, by Jolene Marriah-Maharaj, iol.co.za, February 17, 2021]

  • Pieter André Swart, a 37-year-old farmer outside Kroonstad in the Free State, fatally shot three of four individuals who attacked him in his home. Reports say Swart was stabbed in the neck and head during the violent attack. The attack victim was transported to a hospital for treatment. Police are searching for the surviving attacker.

The attack occurred February 11, 2021.

[Stabbed Free State farmer shoots and kills three attackers, by Olebogeng Motse, thesouthafrican.com, February 11, 2021]

  • A farm attack occurred in Rayton, in the Gauteng province of South Africa, when four intruders bound an unknown number of victims. A report says the attackers ransacked the home taking a number of items including those belonging to the victims. Two vehicles were also stolen. No serious injuries and no arrests were reported.

The home invasion occurred February 8, 2021.

[Farm attack, victims assaulted, tied up, look-out for 2 robbed vehicles, Rayton, via Oorgrens veiligheid, southafricatoday.net, February 8, 2021]


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