January Farm Attacks And Murders—Another Month In The Death Of White South Africa
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A farmer was murdered every 4.7 days in South Africa last year. Farm attacks in that nation totaled 446 in 2020, or about 1.3 attacks each day on average. The attacks resulted in 77 murders. Compared to 2019 when 453 attacks occurred, the number of farm attacks decreased slightly. However, the number of deaths nearly doubled in 2020. There were “only” 48 farm murders in 2019. With few exceptions, attackers were black and victims white. [ToekomsVonk - Plaasaanvalle- en Moorde]

Farm attacks are an expression of a much wider crime problem for South Africans. The nation ranks third behind Venezuela and Papua New Guinea as the most crime-ridden of the planet's 195 nations.

The trend is continuing in 2021. Below are a few notable examples from January.

Bobby and Elmarie Burger were brutally attacked at their Klipspruit farm. The attack occurred just after 4:00 a.m., reports say. The couple were transported in serious condition to a local hospital after three attackers brutally assaulted them. The incident occurred January 25, 2021.

[Farm attack, couple brutalised, home ransacked, Rustenburg, southafricatoday.net, January 26, 2021]

20-year-old Chantelle Ash and her 8-month-old baby, Tasneem, were found dead in a lodge room where they were staying the night with Ash’s Bangladeshi husband. The mother and daughter were found deceased by the lodge’s cleaning crews. Ash’s husband is the father of her baby and was arrested for the murders. Her family is opposing bail for the suspect.

The murders occurred in Mokopane, South Africa. While not a farm murder, the crimes highlight the culture of violence with which whites must co-exist in South Africa.

[Family calls for accused in double murder to be denied bail, by Liam Ngobeni, iol.co.za, Feb 1, 2021]

A 77-year-old farm manager was stabbed before his attackers attempted to drown him in a septic tank. Reports say the victim was pelted with stones during the ordeal. Three attackers were involved. The victim was rescued by neighboring farmers. When police were contacted, they failed to respond. Apparently, the police had no vehicle available at the time. Unusually, this was a black on black farm attack.

The crime occurred in Free State, South Africa and was reported January 19, 2021.

[Farm attack horror: 77-year-old beaten, tortured, and ‘left to drown’ in sewage,   by Tom Head TheSouthAfrican.com, January 1, 2021]

Johanna Rossouw was found brutally murdered in the Edenpark Retirement Village in Witbank,  (Emalahleni), Mpumalanga, South Africa on Sunday, January 31, 2021, reports claim.

According to sa-news.com,

“The mother of 4 was found dead in her home in Fuchsia street, with multiple stab wounds in her back and neck. It is clear this defenseless frail old woman was also tortured before she was violently murdered. Her hands were tied behind her back. A rag was also placed in her mouth by her attacker and soap was thrown over her face.

Only her cellphone and car was [sic] missing...

The report says the elderly mother of four was stabbed 30 times; 25 times in the back and five times in the neck.

“She leaves behind 4 children, 4 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild,” the report said.

[86 Year Old Johanna Rossouw Tortured & Stabbed 30 Times! Murdered for a Phone! News24.com IGNORES it!, sa-news.com, Posted on 03/02/2021]

A vehicle driven by Johanna van Heerden was riddled with bullets from high caliber weapons, a report says.

Van Heerden managed to avoid injury by speeding away. The attack occurred January 28, 2021 in Makwassie, North West Province, South Africa.

[Farm attackers open fire with heavy calibre weapons on woman's vehicle, Makwassie, southafricatoday.net, January 28, 2021]

A  woman was assaulted and bound during a home invasion in Brondal, Mpumalanga, South Africa. The criminals gained entry through the roof. The victim managed to send an emergency message before she was bound. The two assailants managed to make off with a television and jewelry before help arrived.

The crime occurred January 14, 2021.

[Farm attack, attackers gain entry through roof, assault woman, Brondal, SouthAfricaToday.net, January 15, 2021]

A farm attack was reported near Nigel in Gauteng Province, South Africa in which a woman with  three-year-old child was assaulted. An ambulance was dispatched to the home and the woman was treated by EMTs. Though traumatized, the child was unharmed.

The attack occurred January 11, 2021.

[Farm attack, woman assaulted, child (3) severely traumatised, Nigel, SouthAfricaToday.net, January 11, 2021]

Another woman was attacked at a farm in Mooinooi, North West, South Africa after her husband was lured outside. Reports say a man was seen trespassing near the home. When the woman’s husband went to investigate, another man slipped into the home. The woman reportedly fled after the intruder attempted to take her cell phone. She was pursued and stabbed in the back.

[Farm attack, husband lured outside, wife stabbed, Mooinooi, SouthAfricaToday.net, January 3, 2021]

18-year-old Nathan Hebler was fatally shot when he and his father visited a fast-food store in Vanderbijlpark, South Africa last month. Reports say the two men fled when shots were heard outside the Slap Chips restaurant. Nathan was shot three times. His father, Johan, was also shot but survived.

[Boy dies when shots are fired outside fast food place, MaroelaMedia.co.za, Christel Cornellissen, February 3, 2021]

As a concluding caveat for consideration is this fact: Of the 132 countries listed on the afore mentioned ranking of countries by crime rates, the top forty-nine most crime-prone have majority non-white populations. The USA ranks 50th. [Crime Rate by Country 2021, World Population Review] The fifty countries with the lowest crime rates tend to be predominantly white, East Asian, or are controlled by authoritarian Islamic governments.


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