Feast Day Of St. Stephen Lawrence Also Lenin's 150th Birthday
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A Radio Derb listener has pointed out to me that this coming Wednesday, April 22nd, is not only the feast day in Britain of the holy blessed martyr St. Stephen Lawrence, as mentioned in my podcast (at 29m50s here), it is also the 150th birthday of V.I. Lenin.  

Coincidence? I think not.

(And yes, that's on the current, Gregorian calendar, which Lenin's government adopted. In the old Julian calendar used under the Tsars, Lenin was born April 10th.)

We posted Sean Gabb's comprehensive account of the Stephen Lawrence cult in 2012; see here. For my shorter account from 2018, see here; it includes the suggestion that to fully expunge its guilt over St. Stephen Lawrence's martyrdom, the U.K. should rename itself Lawrencia. The U.K. authorities have not yet taken up my suggestion, but it can only be a matter of time.   


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