FDNY Diversity Fail: Lawsuit Can Put Minorities In The Fire Academy, But It Can't Make Them Pass
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From Instapundit:

NEWS FROM THE WORLD OF AFFIRMATIVE ACTION: FDNY’s court-mandated class flaming out. “The first court-ordered class of FDNY trainees — the oldest and most diverse in history — is flaming out. Halfway through the 18-week Fire Academy course, the dropout rate has hit a sky-high 15 percent and could climb to a third of the 318 who started on July 29, according to insiders. . . .In addition, an alarming number of ‘probies’ have been injured — suffering sprains, fractures and other ailments — and put on medical leave, insiders say. Others teeter on the cusp of flunking out because they can’t handle the physical or academic demands.”

Please remember that firefighing is a matter of life and death. In Fighting “Racism" Rather than Fires - A first-hand report on the consequences of affirmative action, Amren.com,January 1996,  a San Francisco fireman wrote:

An inexperienced black lieutenant quota-hire lost his life because he didn’t recognize the signs of an impending back-draft (explosion). Eight other firefighters had thrown themselves to the floor to avoid the heat that was sure to come (later estimated at 2000 degrees), but the medical examiner’s report said the man had been standing, and had not properly used  any of his protective clothing. Shouts from the firefighter bashing in the door to “ hit the floor,” along with the eerie calm that precedes a back-draft were wasted on this unfortunate man, who was hired and promoted beyond his abilities. Affirmative-action literally killed him.
There was a bitter epilogue to this incident. As they always do, hundreds of firefighters from the entire region attended the funeral to pay respects to a fallen comrade. The crowd spilled into the aisles and rear of the church. The former president of the San Francisco Black Firefighters Association—who was hired and given four promotions because he is black—took the opportunity to lecture the congregation about racism. It is a miracle no one walked out.

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