FBI Caves to Muslim PC Propaganda
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Too bad the FBI folded like a cheap lawn chair to Muslims' pressure to delete unpleasant references of their misogynist culture in the obvious "honor killings" of high school girls Amina and Sarah Said.

The FBI removed all mention of the controversial term "honor killing" from the wanted poster of a double-murder suspect after FOXNews.com ran a story announcing the use of the term.

Yasser Abdel Said, wanted for the murder of his two daughters, has eluded authorities for almost a year. The bodies of the young women — Sarah Said, 17, and Amina Said, 18 — were discovered in the back of a taxicab in Irving, Texas, on New Year's Day.

According to family members, Said felt he was compelled to kill his daughters because they had disgraced the family by dating non-Muslims and acting too "Western."

The girls' great aunt, Gail Gartrell, has always called the case an "honor killing." And for a few days — until last Friday — the FBI publicly agreed.

"The 17- and 18-year-old girls were dating American boys, which was contrary to their father's rules of not dating non-Muslim boys," The FBI "wanted" poster read early last week. "Reportedly, the girls were murdered due to an 'Honor Killing.'"

Some Muslims have objected to the term "honor killing" because they say it attaches a religious motive to a crime, which could lead to discrimination against Muslims.
[FBI Removes 'Honor Killing' From Murder Suspect's 'Wanted' Poster, Fox News, Oct. 21, 2008]

Right, we know how disagreeable Muslims can be when they become annoyed about purported "stereotypes" which actually report the truth about the violent, extremist behavior of some of their adherents.

Incidentally, the FBI has been subjecting its agents to Islam-friendly "sensitivity training" since 9/11, and the program appears to have paid off big time for the Muslims in this case.

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