Illegal Alien Shoots Cops on NYC Subway Platform
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Two policemen have been shot in a New York City subway station while trying to apprehend a cold-blooded illegal alien named Raoul Nunez. The thirty-two year old has a drug conviction and was deported to the Dominican Republic in 2001.

The cops tried to arrest Nunez for beating a subway fare. But while resisting arrest, Nunez got hold of an officer's gun. He then stood over both officers, aimed, and fired two pointblank shots, wounding both. After racing up the escalator, he turned back and fired again. Nunez then fired at a third officer when he reached the upper platform. Fortunately, that officer escaped harm and returned fire, wounding Nunez. Raoul Nunez now claims that he resisted arrest because he feared deportation. [HUMBLE COP: I'M NOT THE HERO | TOOK DOWN SUSPECT WHO SHOT 2 OTHER COPS, NY Post, October 22, 2008]

Even though the crime occurred at rush hour at a very busy subway stop, I am still surprised at how much emphasis the NYC media has given to the criminal's illegal status. Such facts usually get glossed over in NYC. However, I'm still waiting for the logical follow-up question: Why does New York maintain this insane sanctuary policy?

Luckily, the police officers survived.

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