Illegal Alien Shoots Cops on NYC Subway Platform
October 23, 2008, 04:47 AM
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Two policemen have been shot in a New York City subway station while trying to apprehend a cold-blooded illegal alien named Raoul Nunez. The thirty-two year old has a drug conviction and was deported to the Dominican Republic in 2001.

The cops tried to arrest Nunez for beating a subway fare. But while resisting arrest, Nunez got hold of an officer`s gun. He then stood over both officers, aimed, and fired two pointblank shots, wounding both. After racing up the escalator, he turned back and fired again. Nunez then fired at a third officer when he reached the upper platform. Fortunately, that officer escaped harm and returned fire, wounding Nunez. Raoul Nunez now claims that he resisted arrest because he feared deportation. [HUMBLE COP: I`M NOT THE HERO | TOOK DOWN SUSPECT WHO SHOT 2 OTHER COPS, NY Post, October 22, 2008]

Even though the crime occurred at rush hour at a very busy subway stop, I am still surprised at how much emphasis the NYC media has given to the criminal`s illegal status. Such facts usually get glossed over in NYC. However, I`m still waiting for the logical follow-up question: Why does New York maintain this insane sanctuary policy?

Luckily, the police officers survived.