Cartoon Jihad Violence Hits North Carolina
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It was only a matter of time until Cartoon Jihad terror came to this country. Unsurprisingly, it occurred on a college campus, where Muslim students are still welcomed as if nothing has happened since 9/11. The man accused of attempting to kill dozens of Americans is a native of Iran and apparently does not feel much gratitude toward America for the education he received here. ["Religious Terrorism Strikes Chapel Hill"]

Earlier today, just before high noon, Mohammed Reza Taheriazar, 22, bulldozed the center of UNC's main campus with a silver Jeep Grand Cherokee — the biggest SUV he could find — in order to retaliate against treatment of Muslims around the world, he said. Taheriazar, a recent graduate, sent six to the hospital with injuries and hit three others in what is not only a tragedy for the Chapel Hill community but an sad example of an ideological difference digressing into violent conflict.

Why do we continue to welcome enemies when we can see what is happening to Europe as a result of Muslim immigration? Roosevelt didn't promote Nazi student outreach in WWII, because he understood that in war, you kill your enemies rather than invite them into your house.

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