Farewell to a Fearless Patriot, Terry Anderson
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I was stunned yesterday when I got the news that Terry Anderson had died. I didn't know he had pancreatic cancer, so it was a terrible shock.

I admired him for many fine qualities, but most of all for his total fearlessness. When many black Americans were hunkering down, scared to voice misgivings about the alien invasion, Terry was not afraid. Saving the country was always more important to him than obeying PC rules to "say no evil" about minorities.

From his front-row seat in South Central Los Angeles, Terry saw the demographic invasion before other Americans who lived further from the border. He described the racism against blacks which Mexicans brought with them into his own city, but mostly he spoke as an American, for all citizens who care about the country.

Terry started out as a concerned citizen who phoned kindred spirit and talk-show host George Putnam on the radio (another late, great patriot). Those calls led to friendship and eventually to a radio program that was exclusively about immigration, The Terry Anderson Show.

Author Dan Sheehy devoted a chapter of his 2005 book which focused on patriotic activists Fighting Immigration Anarchy to Terry Anderson—his life, his immigration awakening and his radio activism.

Terry was a genuine everyman, a blue-collar guy who worked as an auto mechanic, and saw himself as "articulating the popular rage." The lack of a fancy academic degree never stopped him from being a powerful speaker. And he didn't just talk forcefully—although he was known for that—he was well versed in all the complex issues of immigration and blended them seamlessly into his thoughts.

CAPS interviewed Terry last summer, and he explained the current situation of black Americans living in southern California, that parts of Los Angeles are dangerous no-go areas for them, and most good jobs formerly held by black folks in the trades have been taken by Hispanics, many of whom are illegals.

Following is Part 2 of the CAPS interview, where Terry noted how the 14th Amendment has been misinterpreted to the detriment of black citizens.

For Terry the fiery orator, see him stir up the audience at the 2007 Feet to the Fire rally near the Capitol.

Roy Beck commented generously on Terry's life and work, DEATH: Terry Anderson, Radio Host Champion of Black Americans Against Unfair Immigrant Competition. In addition, Digger's Realm has a remembrance of Terry centered on when he travelled to Phoenix on June 5 to speak in support of Arizona's new immigration law, which turned out to be his last public speech (Watch.)

He was one of a kind. Irreplaceable. He will be much missed by all who knew him.

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