Massachusetts Girl Brutally Raped by Guatemalan Illegal Alien
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ABC40 has a lot of details about a horrendous rape that occurred in Springfield, Massachusetts including pictures of the suspect and his getaway vehicle. Go to the article for more, but here are a few excerpts from "Police hunting alleged child rapist", July 8, 2010. So far the TV station hasn't posted a video report.

Police are looking for a Guatemalan man in connection with the brutal rape of a 4-year-old girl Saturday, which has left the girl in serious condition at Baystate Medical Center.

Edlizar Mazariegos, 22, is wanted for aggravated rape of a child with force. Mazariegos, who has also used the name Edy Gonzales, is described as being 5-foot-3-inches tall, with a heavy build and was last seen driving a blue Dodge Durango with two white racing stripes down the hood and roof. The vehicle has a South Carolina license plate number of FSX-544, a dented passenger door and a novelty front license plate with an eagle on it, according to Delaney.

Some very specific details of the crime are included:

The girl's mother left for work in a blueberry field in Connecticut at 8 a.m. and didn't return until 5 p.m., when she found her daughter crying and bleeding, according to Delaney.

The girl's mother brought her to Mercy Medical Center, and she was transported to Baystate Medical Center to undergo treatment for severe trauma, according to Delaney.

There is one very important detail that this article neglected to mention — the rapist was an illegal alien from Guatamala. The story is getting very little mainstream media attention, which is typical of crime stories perpetrated by illegal aliens, but fortunately Michael Graham [bio], who hosts a radio show for Boston Talks, 96.9 didn't hesitate to write about the politically incorrect reality:

Riz was the illegal immigrant arrested by Providence cops twice while under a federal deportation order but released both times. He was then charged with carjacking a woman in Warwick and raping her in Providence. Why I Wrote Today’s Column About MA Refusing To Enforce Immigration Law, July 7, 2010

Michael Graham pointed out a huge irony and a great tragedy that's replayed in states all across the union:

Mazariegos, who regularly traveled up and down the East Coast without a driver’s license, is an illegal immigrant. As of this writing, he is on the run from Massachusetts police - likely for the first time ever. "Lawless state enabled child’s rape Yet Mass. pols scorn Arizona’s", July 9, 2010

Call it an odd coincidence but Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is soon going to that state for a governors meeting. Count on the lefties to mount a hate campaign and a protest against Brewer while ignoring the mental and physical pain that Heidi and her mother will suffer as a result of that rape. It will be interesting to see if there are enough patriots left in Massachusetts to stage a counter demonstration to support Gov. Brewer.

This weekend, Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona will be in Boston for the National Governors Association meeting. She’ll be greeted by protesters from groups who support Patrick’s pro-illegal stance, like the far-left ANSWER Coalition and the Party for Socialism and Liberation. Brewer will be denounced here by politicians and media pundits alike. But for what?

For a policy that, had it been in place in Massachusetts, could have prevented the rape of this little girl.

So, if you are shaking your head wondering how Massachusetts could let a travesty like this happen, listen to this Jim and Margery Podcast podcast of an interview Gov. Deval Patrick on the same radio station where Michael Graham hosts his show: Ask the Governor 7/7/2010. Go to the last 8 minutes of the podcast.

This is my synopsis of the conversation. It goes a long way in explaining why this kind of lawless behavior is tolerated:

Gov. Patrick was asked about the protests that will inevitably occur this weekend when Gov Brewer arrives for the convention. He was asked if he agreed with the federal government's lawsuit against Arizona. The governor said "it's a Constitutional fact" that it's the federal government's responsibility to enforce immigration law. Nasty jab at Brewer, considering Arizona's SB 1070 could prevent rapes by illegal aliens who convicted previous crimes. He emphasized the need Comprehensive Immigration Reform but never said the word "amnesty". Patrick said he hasn't had any communication with Brewer over the issue of security (and implicitly about her safety). Patrick explains why restricting gun ownership to one gun per person is a good thing — because less guns will save our children.

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