"Maybe We Should Find The President A Smaller, Easier-To-Manage Country To Govern"
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Michael Graham writes from Boston on Eric Holder's lawsuit against Arizona
Arizonans seem to take the rule of law seriously. And this is a big problem for Team Obama.

Holder is worried that trained and knowledgeable local cops will actually prove that the law is enforceable, blowing his boss’s cover. Remember President Barack Obama’s claim last week that our borders are ”just too vast” for us to secure them through enforcement, with fences and border patrols?

The border’s too big. The hole in the Gulf is too deep. The recession is too stubborn. Maybe we should find the president a smaller, easier-to-manage country to govern. You know - send him to the minors for a few years.[Bad posture on amnesty | Funny how feds lean on Ariz., not R.I., By Michael Graham, Boston Herald, July 7, 2010](via Small Dead Animals)

Just a reminder—Obama was elected President from the middle of his first term in the Senate, and before his current job, his political experience consisted largely of "community organizing." John F. Kennedy, a similarly youthful President, had spent eight years in the Senate and six in the House before running for President. His original ambition was to become the second black mayor of Chicago.


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