Seditionists Seek Sob Stories
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The open-borders gang is hustling up its next media campaign for the upcoming amnesty push.

Naturally it will be filled with teary-eyed Mexican kiddies (as shown by the sniffly example), preferably with an illness, whose suffering is made all the worse because of jack-booted ICE officers tearing families apart willy-nilly.

Nobody in the press cares about the millions of unemployed citizens who might need one of the jobs held by seven million illegal alien workers: Americans, ho hum! [Religious campaign seeks immigration stories, Houston Chronicle, March, 4, 2009]

Religious and community leaders want U.S. citizens and legal residents who have been separated from family members by deportation or detention to come forward with their testimonies ahead of meetings next week in Texas to push for immigration reform.

Those with the most compelling stories will be asked to speak during church meetings that are part of a national campaign to show the public that current immigration policies affect not just immigrants but American citizens, Pastor Freddy Santiago, one of the organizers, said during a news conference Wednesday.

"Our people are being split up," Santiago, of Chicago's Rebano Companerismo Cristiano Church said in Spanish. "We are seeing how our government is violating the laws of God."

Pastor Freddy must be thinking of a different religion than the one I learned in church, or perhaps he regards Marx as his apostle-in-chief.

And Freddy, where's your concern about the abandoned wives and children in Mexico? The ones whose breadwinner went to El Norte and was never heard from again. (See As men go north, wives get forgotten from the Christian Science Monitor.) Sending daddy home to his family in Mexico would be the decent thing to do.

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