La Raza Sob Stories And The New Amnesty Push
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The tears of children are a normal element in the sob stories that Raza contrives for the press. Last year, Rep. Luis Gutierrez toured 16 cities with his sob story extravaganza, which featured tearful kiddies complaining about deportation splitting families. (See my first-hand report from San Francisco, Speaker Pelosi Boards Gutierrez Amnesty Express.)

In today's example, tears appear in the first sentence, indicating how the frenetic demands for amnesty are increasing, as anti-borders forces drag out the kiddies and declare their parent-caused misery to be reason to end immigration enforcement. The message: junk American law and sovereignty because lawbreaking foreigners cause anguish in their own families.

According to that premise, we should free all the prisoners. Every guy in a striped suit has a sad family somewhere.

"Her words reduced us to tears, literally. Beatrice Vasques, a 15-year-old schoolgirl born in LA told her story on C-Span. Along with at least 100,000 children who have lost a parent due to stepped up deportation of immigrants in the US, she came home from school one day to find her mom arrested and deported by immigration officers.

In a press conference at the National Press Club, community organizations from around the country came to DC to appeal to President Obama to pass what he promised during his campaign, Comprehensive Immigration Reform, and to fix a broken system. They claim that he has not kept his promise. They say that during the first year of the Obama administration, more deportation has taken place than in the Bush years. 387,000 immigrants were deported last year, and many of these have native-born American children".[Immigration Reform Now: An Emotional Plea to Obama, By Aladdin Elaasar, March 11, 2010 ]

If you want to share in the sniffles, you can watch the C-span broadcast of the news conference and see Beatrice at around 6:40 perform her sob story stuff, which was obviously written by an adult.

I'm saving my sympathy for the millions of displaced American workers and the crime victims of illegal aliens.

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