Excellent FAIR Report: Immigrant Kids Robbing Real American Pupils Of Educational Resources
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This has consequences! H/T One Old Vet

For reasons which are probably very interesting, FAIR, the Federation For American Immigration Reform, is at the same time the wealthiest and the most ineffectual of the Inside the Beltway Immigration Restraint outfits. The most significant FAIR role in VDARE.com’s history was when President Dan Stein warned Peter Brimelow off getting involved in the Immigration issue. Nevertheless they sometimes do good work which in our chivalrous way we like to applaud.

Very great applause is merited by their new report Cost in Translation English Language Education in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area which was discussed today by the Washington Examiner (and apparently nowhere else).

Illegal immigrants squeeze school budgets By Ethan Barton February 10, 2015 reports

Washington-area schools are facing budget crises as a result of an influx of immigrant students, according to a recent report.
Since the 2005-06 school year, the percent of students enrolled in English proficiency classes has increased by an average of nearly 70 percent across seven school districts in the D.C. metro area, according to a report by the advocacy group, Federation for American Immigration Reform...
Those classes cost an average of about one quarter of each district’s budget, and the chunk is getting larger as new students, many of them illegal immigrants or children of illegal immigrants, enroll in English-as-a-second-language classes...
“Education programs are being cut,” said the report’s author, Eric Ruark. “We’re not saying that [English proficiency classes] are the cause, but it’s certainly taking money away from them.”
(VDARE.com emphasis. NB ineffectuality on conclusion.

A spokesthing for Treason Lobby front the Migration Policy Institute was reduced to trying to weasel out of the issue

“We’ve never documented a negative effect on native English-speaking students,” MPI analyst Sarah Hooker said.

Have they ever tried? Ask Sarah Hooker


After throwing out some other subterfuges Hooker was obliged to concede

“Of course border and immigration policy has an impact on schools,”

 Crash courses to get students to learn English are extremely expensive

non-English speakers can cost up to twice as much as their proficient counterparts, according to the report.

Allocating school district revenues is a zero sum game: taxpayers mutiny or simply move away if they judge demands to be excessive. More expenditure for non-English speakers means less resources for truly American children.

What Patriot, Parents and Taxpayer need to grasp is this is nothing,  ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to what will happen when the huge population increases bound to flow from Obama’s No Borders policy and the immense chain migration/family unification torrent resulting from Amnesty arrive.

America is being swamped. Where is the GOP?

Another observation with broader implications: the reason these invaders can steal an American education is, yet again, another piece of usurping Supreme Court judicial legislation, discussed for us by Nathaniel Parker in Plyler vs. Doe: The Solution.

Thank Eric Roark for his timely work.



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