Trump Wordsmith Stephen Miller, Richard Spencer, And Me (And Peter Laufer)
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The Daily Beast has a piece recycling various smears of the reported speechwriter for Donald Trump's January 20 Inauguration Address: The Troublemaker Behind Donald Trump’s Words—Over the past year, Stephen Miller has risen from campaign hypeman to a critical policy aide inside the nascent Trump administration, by Tim Mak, January 19, 2017.

Some of it turns on the amazing coincidence that Miller was at Duke University at the same time as Alt Right superstar Richard Spencer—and

the two of them had worked to bring white-nationalist writer Peter Brimelow to campus together, something first reported by Mother Jones

This is obviously going to become one of those echo-chambered factoids that constitute Leftist political journalism. I used to ignore this sort of thing, but I've found that mud sticks, so I suppose I should try to insert into the record that (1) I'm not a "white nationalist," as painfully explained for example here; (2) the meeting at Duke was actually not a Klan rally but a debate, that's a D-E-B-A-T-E, between me and irreproachably liberal journalist Peter Laufer (who I see is now a professor of journalism at the University of Oregon).

Why did Mak and the other Leftist hacks he ripped off eliminate poor Laufer from this world-historic occasion? Why do we call them "The Lying Press"?

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