<em>Nation </em> Hit Piece On The <em>Washington Times</em>
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The Nation has published a hit piece on The Washington Times by Max Blumenthal, the son of Clinton consigliere Sidney Blumenthal.

It's the usual thing, quoting the SPLC, et cetera.

Southern Poverty Law Center Intelligence Project executive director Mark Potok credits the Times with helping to fuel the nativism that has taken hold this year in Republican political campaigns.

If it needs to be said, once again, it's the majority of the American people who are "nativist," if you want to call it that. Only massive and expensive lobbying has prevented the Republican Party from using this issue to beat the Democrats like a drum.

One of Blumenthal's targets is Marian Kester Coombs, one of whose sins, apparently, was to sell us an article: High Noon For The English Language? [May 22, 2004 ]

Asked whether her husband agrees with her politics, Marian Coombs said, "Pretty much," but claimed his personal views were not reflected in the pages of the Times. But she has contributed some thirty opinion pieces to the paper. In a November 2001 article she cited the BNP's Griffin, who was prosecuted twice in Britain for inciting racial hatred with his anti-Muslim rhetoric, as an expert on Muslim culture. Marian Coombs's byline has appeared in many of the far right's flagship publications, from Chronicles to Vdare to The Occidental Quarterly, which was edited by her friend Sam Francis until his death in 2005. [Hell of a 'Times'(from the October 9, 2006 issue)]

Of course, Blumenthal doesn't mention that he's spent a lot of time bashing Vdare.com, and the we've replied: see Children Of The Angry Apes: Salon And Its Stale Smear and VDARE.com: 06/21/03 - That Stale Salon Smear: Tancredo Speaks by Peter Brimelow in 2003.

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