Shocker Murder in Colorado
September 22, 2006, 04:46 AM
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Denver has been stunned by the brutality of a recent crime in which a woman was dragged to death behind a truck. Her mangled body was found on Monday, after she had been hauled over the roadway for more than a mile. The victim`s face was unrecognizable from the damage and an autopsy revealed that she had been alive while being dragged. Jose Luis Rubi-Nava Denver Dragging Killer

The woman was identified on Thursday as Luz Maria Franco-Fierros, 49, of Mexico. She and the accused killer, Jose Luis Rubi-Nava, lived together even though he has a wife and children back in Mexico.

The alleged killer has been arrested, and he is an illegal alien who worked in construction [Arrest made in gruesome murder, 9News 9/20/06].

During the Wednesday morning press conference, Weaver also said the suspect, Jose Luis Rubi-Nava, 36 of Glendale, was being held on first degree murder charges. Weaver added that "a detainer has been placed" on Rubi-Nava from Immigration Customs Enforcement due to the fact that he is believed to be in the country illegally.

He is currently being held at the Douglas County jail on a no-bond hold.

It was later discovered that the accused had been arrested on April 21 and charged with false identification, no driver`s license and no proof of insurance. However, those charges were dismissed in court and he was released, another foreign criminal set loose in America with deadly results.