EIDOLON: "White People Explain Classics to Us"
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From Eidolon, a very woke online classics (Greek and Roman civilization) magazine edited by Donna Zuckerberg:

White People Explain Classics to Us

Epistemic Injustice in the Everyday Experiences of Racial Minorities

Yung In Chae

Classicist and Editor-at-Large of Eidolon. Previously: Gates Cambridge Scholar ’16 at the University of Cambridge, Princeton ’15.

… What I do know is this: whatever those solutions are, they’re going to be not progressive but radical. They’re going to fundamentally change what the field is and whom it’s for.

Nobody who writes for Eidolon ever seems very happy with her career choice. Each authors seems to perceive her work-a-day existence in the poorly paid field of classics as a nightmare of microaggressions. Perhaps you all should just abandon trying to remake classics into something that you imagine would make you happy, because what you are doing sure doesn’t seem to be working for you so far, and just let the small number of tweedy white guys who enjoy classics have their field back?

And is it really a good idea to encourage underprivileged groups to specialize in such an ill-paying profession? Isn’t classics a sensible career choice mostly only if, say, your brother owns Facebook?

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