"Egyptian Tea Partiers"
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Via Mickey Kaus on Twitter, I learn that when Leslie H. Gelb on the Daily Caller wants to convince his readers that the Muslim Brotherhood are dangerous, he calls them..."Egyptian Tea Partiers."
Now, what about the devils we know less–like the protesters? Of course, there's a slew of journalists, pundits, policy experts and professors who say these aren't devils at all, just "the people": democrats, lawyers, and college-educated and moderate women. No doubt, many of the protesters fit that description. But the dutiful press has interviewed only, say, a few hundred of these good souls. Perhaps many are not so democratic. Perhaps many are Egyptian Tea Partiers who want every Egyptian to have Islamic guns like the Founding Pharaohs. Or perhaps many are just furious and poor and unknowledgeable.
Right, that's what Obama thinks about Pennsylvania. Trust me, the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt are a whole different class of "Bitter clingers."
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