ECONOMIST Watch: Spinning The Paris Attacks
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Above is the editorial cartoon from the current (November 21st-27th) issue of The Economist.

Note that the "home" being protected in the cartoon is around five percent of the fenced-in territory.

The U.S.A. has land area 3.8 million square miles.  So on this schema we'd all be imprisoned in an area the size of California.  The entire rest of the country would be security cameras, guard dogs, barbed wire, and minefields.

These people are nuts.

Big slabs of this issue's contents are given over to spinning the Paris attacks as a case for open borders.  Random sample:

The logic of turning away refugees is deeply flawed, practically and morally. Clearly, there is a risk of infiltration, and Europe should monitor new arrivals. But at least five of the Paris terrorists were European citizens, not refugees. [How to fight back; The Economist, November 21, 2015.]
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