Economist Watch: A New Low
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The Economist has of course come out strong for Joe Biden. Fair enough: it's their right to have an opinion, and I wasn't surprised by it.

I was shocked, though, to see them stoop to retailing the threadbare, endlessly-refuted "fine people" hoax. That's a new low for what was once the home of careful journalism.

The entire sentence, from page 22 column 1 of the issue dated October 31:

This has allowed him [i.e. Trump] to trample the norms of politics and good government in any number of ways, from a culpable lack of response to the devastation wrought on Puerto Rico by Hurricane Maria to describing protests against neo-Nazis in Charlottesville, Virginia, as having “very fine people on both sides” to seeing people tear-gassed to enable a photo opportunity.

For shame! 

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