DREAM Act's Gutierrez: "I have only one loyalty"—and it's not to Americans
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VDARE.COM has long had a low opinion of Congressman Luis Gutierrez, but we have to admire the forthright way in which he has just acknowledged that what he is doing is treason:

"I have only one loyalty," he says, "and that's to the immigrant community."

Keeping Obama to His Word, by Arian-Campo-Flores, Newsweek, November 29, 2010.

Gutierrez' Illiinois 4 is a notorious gerrymander, but even so only 40.6% of its population is foreign-born. What about the Americans in the district—does Gutierrez feel no loyalty to them?

For that matter, what about Gutierrez' fellow Puerto Ricans? They're not immigrants, technically. Yet apparently he feels no loyalty to them either.

His profound race-based alienation from the U.S. is further proof that the Commonwealth experiment has failed and Americans should throw Puerto Rico out.

Incredibly, Newsweek's Campo-Flores doesn't comment on Gutierrez's astounding admission. Instead, he focuses uncritically on Gutierrez' loud-mouthed lobbying for the DREAM Act (which may be voted on at any moment).

But Campo-Flores clearly isn't very bright—no doubt he's a quindling (= Affirmatively Acted beyond his level of competence, a phenomenon named after former New York Times writer Anna Quindlen, whose domestic life columns were excellent but whose national affairs columns were a notorious embarrassment).

Thus Campo-Flores' earlier article (Did Hispanics Save Harry Reid?, November 3), attempting to support the obviously self-interested claim that Hispanics angered by immigration reform talk saved the Senate for the Democrats, not only cites the discredited claim that Harry Reid got 90% of the Hispanic vote, but also actually includes exit poll data showing that Nevada's Sharron Angle did about the same or better with Hispanics than California's Carly Fiorina, although the latter ran away from the immigration issue.

Newsweek is one of the growing number of MSM outlets that—probably wisely—make it impossible to email writers directly, but you can try here.

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