Dolly Gee—Another Treason Lobby Judge?
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Everyone has heard of inmates running the asylum—but this is the result of liberal lawyers invading immigration policy:

A federal judge's ruling could pave the way for taxpayer-funded legal representation for immigrants facing deportation in cases of mental incapacity — a move praised by civil libertarians but opposed by advocates of stricter immigration enforcement.

U.S. District Court Judge Dolly Gee recently ordered the U.S. government to give two mentally incapacitated illegal immigrants legal representation to fight their deportations. The decision was triggered by the case of Jose Franco-Gonzalez, 30, who spent nearly five years in immigration custody after pleading guilty to assault with a deadly weapon because authorities determined he was too mentally incompetent to represent himself in his own deportation hearings. Traditionally public counsel is not supplied in U.S. deportation cases

Judge Orders U.S. to Supply Mentally Deficient Illegal Immigrants With Lawyers to Fight Deportation, by Diane Macedo,, January 5 2011.

This is an illegal alien, who pled guilty to a serious crime, who's mentally deficient—and US taxpayers have to pay to keep him here?

Gonzalez' attorney, Michael Steinberg, gloats that

he and his colleagues plan to file a motion "promptly" to transform the case into a class-action suit so that it will pertain to all detainees with mental disabilities.


Obviously, this makes no sense from a public policy point of view, and I have no doubt that it makes no sense from a legal point of view either.

So, pursuant to's policy of dragging Treason Lobby judges out of the closet (see here and here) who is this Dolly Gee?

According to Wikipedia (Jan 6, 2010), she was first nominated to the federal bench by President Clinton back in 1999, but was (obviously sensibly) stalled by the Republican Senate.

According to AsianWeekApril 21, 2010):

In December 2009, she was appointed by President Obama to become a federal district court judge in the Central District of California. US Senator Barbara Boxer honored Gee upon her confirmation stating that, ”As a daughter of immigrants from rural China, she personifies the American dream.”

She does? Is this the "American Dream" George Washington had in mind?

It’s just a matter of time before Americans realize that institutions like their courts, designed for a culturally coherent population, cannot be stretched to accommodate the empire that America has become–and that the only answer to judicial legislation is impeachment.

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