Coincidence? Another Black, Clinton-Appointed Federal Judge Thwarts Voters
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Needless to say, one of the National Question state initiatives passed in Election 2010 was immediately blocked by a federal judge: Federal Judge Temporarily Blocks Oklahoma's Sharia Ban, by Rachel Slajda, TPM, November 8, 2010. (Ruling here).

Also needless to say, alas, the judge in question, Vicki Miles-LaGrange, turns out to be a black Clinton appointee, just like Theodore McKee, who temporarily blocked the Hazleton anti-illegal immigration law in September.

Of course, we're supposed to pretend that judges are impartial. But as they act like legislators, they will be subject to the same scrutiny as legislators. A quick search finds no media discussion of Miles-LaGrange except for this interesting comment by Phil Boehmke of The American Thinker:

By acting swiftly to subvert the sovereign will of the people of Oklahoma, Judge Miles-LaGrange replicates the unseemly haste with which she was confirmed. In 1994 when Miles-LaGrange was nominated by Bill Clinton, she was fast-tracked and confirmed by the lame duck Senate. Could there be any sense of urgency for Miles-LaGrange to have the current (lame duck Democrat) Attorney General, W.A. Drew Edmonson act on behalf of the state?

State Question 755, the Oklahoma measure, was passed by a 70% vote. State judges who do this sort of thing can get voted out, as recently in Indiana. Federal judges must be impeached.

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