Let Us Now Praise Letters To Editors
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I hope most VDARE.com readers are also letter-to-the-editor(s) writers. Here's a potent reason why, courtesy of Kevin Williamson, deputy managing editor of National Review:

Funny what catches the notice of politicians. I was a newspaper editor for years, and I’ve had at least a dozen politicians tell me: ”We don’t really give a damn what you write about us in the editorials. We don’t even really read them. But if we start seeing letters to the editor, we notice. Any time one constituent is ticked-off enough to take the time to write a letter, that’s significant. One guy writing a letter means that there are 500 more who agree but don’t take the time to write.” One guy writing a letter represents a few hundred people in the mind of Joe Congressman.

[A Few Words In Praise of Fear, National Review Online "Exchequer" blog, December 17, 2010]

I've also heard — source lost in the fog of my memory — that newspapers' letters section are popular with readers in general. That implies they're a good venue in which to educate our fellow citizens on the appalling facts and general idiocies of mass immigration. Although our multi-decade immigration nightmare is far beyond exasperating, it's probably most effective to keep our letters dense with facts and cool in tone.

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