Doing Work Americans Will Not: Chinese Immigrant Steals Federal Reserve Software
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I am not sure Gerry Smith has a future at the Huffington Post. Maybe he wasn’t responsible for the revealing headline Bo Zhang Charged With Stealing Software Worth Millions From Federal Reserve Bank Of New York 1/18/12 but in his report

Authorities on Wednesday said they had charged a Chinese computer programmer with stealing proprietary software code from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York… Bo Zhang, 32, of Queens, was arrested Wednesday by agents with the FBI and the Department of the Treasury Office of Inspector General…. The United States has spent nearly $10 million developing the code, according to court documents.

Smith reveals what as far as I can see almost no other MSM outlet does:

Zhang is a Chinese national who arrived in the United States in 2000 and was working on a visa at the time of his arrest, authorities said.

Quite a number of these sorts of cases have involved Chinese immigrants spying for China itself. According to this report, the FBI is not alleging that here.

But then again, annoying the powerful Chinese-American community is becoming politically dangerous, as I noted in Asians: Not The Ideal Immigrants

And of course this is an election year.

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