Asians: Not The Ideal Immigrants
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Brenda Walker's blog Diversity Hiccups in the Obama Shape-Up opened a matter which we are going to have to face more and more:

For some Chinese residing in America, it's their tribe uber alles, with the national security of this country taking a back seat to the interests of the global Chinese.

Brenda was reporting the calculations going on amongst elements of the Chinese community in America to determine if their political power has reached the point that blocking the appointment of Bill Richardson to be Obama's Cabinet Hispanic might be possible. This would be as revenge for Richardson's role in the Wen Ho Lee espionage case. This case was a classic example of the difficulties of stopping espionage while adhering to orthodox standards of judicial procedure. As the Wikipedia article on Lee says currently (but probably soon won't after Lee sympathizers get at it):

...examination of Lee's computer determined that he had taken classified work documents, deleted the security classification headers, and then transferred these files ...onto another protected but unclassified network. After the FBI discovered Lee's transfer...he transferred the data to a third unclassified computer network. FBI analysts...noted that the files that Lee had transferred had been accessed from a computer at the Student Union of the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) on over forty occasions. Because of the vast number of users who used the computers at the UCLA Student Union and the lack of logs of users, the FBI was unable to determine which entity gained access to the Los Alamos data. On December 23, 1998, Lee was given a polygraph test by the FBI...He was later subjected to three more polygraph tests before being told that re-evaluation of the test results showed that Lee had failed all of them.

Subsequently, the case has become a classic example of an ethnic group commandeering history to create an acid test of obedience for politicians and draw rent—like the Japanese Internment case and many others The Wen Ho Lo matter surfaced on in 2001 in Stephen Steinlight: Prophet without Honor? This was an account of the first of the doomed efforts by poor Stephen Steinlight and the CIS to convince his fellow Jews that importing large quantities of potentially and actually anti-semitic immigrants into America was unwise. At this symposium, the most sensible remarks were made by the Cooper Union's impeccably reasonable Fred Siegel. He

...declared himself in "broad agreement" with Steinlight's call for immigration reform. He offered a number of examples of the problems created by current policy. These included the striking observation that while Wen Ho Lee was (in Siegel's view) clearly guilty and the lucky beneficiary of an over-scrupulous legal system, Asian Americans invariably angrily rejected this.

Perhaps it is some consolation to founding-stock Americans that Asian ethnocentricity generally harms them in the area of employment discrimination rather than crime. But as I noted on the election of alleged Republican Anh Cao, the political aspect will increasingly have to be faced. And indeed it was faced, early in's life, in what I consider perhaps John Derbyshire's finest article for us: Importing Sino-Fascism.

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