Chinese Immigrant Shows Gratitude To America
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Quietly, last week, it was proven to have happened again: a Chinese immigrant spying for his native land:

"While he was working for two American chemical companies, a Chinese scientist was stealing trade secrets and sending them to accomplices for further research, assisting the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) long-term strategic goals in the science field, according to court documents in a recent case.

The man, Kexue Huang...also attempted to identify manufacturing facilities in China where his stolen research could be turned into products and sold on the world market....

If successful, it would have put Chinese firms in direct competition with Dow, using the latter’s own stolen trade secrets—a tactic common to China’s state-directed economic development, and its striving with the West"

Chinese Spy Pleads Guilty to Stealing Biotech Secrets By Matthew Robertson The Epoch Times Oct 18 2011 (FBI press release here.)

Theft of industrial secrets is a large element in China’s corrupt and predatory relationship with America, as Brenda Walker observed in MSM Ho-Hums Enemy Spies from Red China. Being able to use immigrants hugely facilitates this activity as I noted here (in a case where the spy was actually from India). And ominously the Chinese immigrant community is showing signs of using political strength to inhibit investigations, as I pointed out in Asians: Not The Ideal Immigrants

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