Dog-Whistling Drudge Continues Dodging Immigration Outrages
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I see the Drudge Report is continuing its commendable contribution to American race relations today with no less than three relevant items:

VIDEO: Black teens brutally beat Army soldier in Tampa...

about a violent late-night robbery of a white soldier

SOWELL: 'A Censored Race War'...

publicizing an excellent column by Tom Sowell

and FBI may charge Zimmerman with hate crime...

on the likely latest ploy in the Obama reelection campaign.

But no mention of an immigration story so outrageous as to be picked up by 479 (!) news outlets on Google News as I write including CBS: Illegal immigrant worked 20 years at airport security

(CBS/AP) NEWARK, N.J. - An illegal immigrant worked undetected at Newark Liberty International Airport for 20 years, and used a dead man's identity to acquire a top position in airport security, officials said.

Alas, this is further evidence that Drudge has decided to ignore basic immigration news.  The few recent items which turn up on the Drudge search are all Legislative or Judicial repercussions. This was not the case in the past.

As I said in Derbyshire Atrocity: Why Has Drudge Report Dodged? the sad truth appears to be that this once iconoclastic free spirit is engaged in Dog-whistle politics. Negative stories on blacks are valued because they rile up the voting base. But nothing can be reported which might embarrass the Cheap Labor Lobby’s political subsidiary – AKA the GOP Leadership.

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