Dick Durbin's American Foreign Legion: This Is What The Fall Of Rome Looked Like
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A good article over at The Federalist, “Democrats Propose Solving Their Military Recruitment Crisis With Illegal Aliens,” by Nathan Stone, December 11, 2023. I urge our readers to read that article in full.

Apparently, Senator Dick Durbin is proposing recruiting illegal aliens to fill the ranks of our military.

What could possibly go wrong? It’s not like the Roman Empire didn’t go down that road before with predictable results.

Our military has already been doing that for years. Senator Dick wants to expand it.

From the article

A military with significant numbers of illegal aliens—foreigners with no ties to the United States, our ways, our traditions, our Constitution, our history—will have no loyalty to the land or its people. Such a military will be much more willing to open fire on citizens protesting another lockdown, another ”secure” election, or the queering of their children via the education system. Instead, they will be loyal to whoever gives them the most prizes—which will be the left, as the current controller of all institutions of worth.

It continues:

The Founding Fathers were quite clear that the Roman Republic was one of their chief models and sources of inspiration for the new nation, but Durbin’s enthusiasm for illegal recruits smacks of the late Roman Empire. As the empire began to wither, emperors like Diocletian and Constantine were forced to look elsewhere for recruits. Foreign mercenaries were not strangers in the Roman legions, but the difference was that, in the past, they had been axillary [sic] forces and shock troops. But then, more and more Germanic barbarians had replaced Roman citizens as soldiers.

With no loyalty to Rome, the empire, or the emperor, these Germanic tribesmen worked for their own advantage. In a fit of irony, many of the barbarians who sacked Rome had honed their military prowess by fighting in the Roman legions. For all its wealth and power, even Rome could not Romanize infinite numbers of immigrants.

For all their studies on war, you would think the eggheads over at the Pentagon would be worried about recruiting foreigners into the military. Instead, they are thinking short term, not long term.


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