Destroying the Republican Party - and America.
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Paul Craig Roberts published on Tuesday Will Republicans Destroy Themselves Before They Destroy America? Judging by our traffic, emails and blog links, it is an exceptionally popular column.

As usual (and somewhat to’s frustration) Craig is totally focused on the effects of the Middle East fiasco. But exactly the same question comes to mind reading a Washington Times story this morning: (Divisive bill stokes GOP anger; base rejects path to citizenship By Ralph Z. Hollow May 24 2007. Access requires free registration)

Arizona Republican Party officials have received "hundreds and hundreds of calls, e-mails and letters from Republicans angry about the bill," state party Chairman Randy Pullen told The Washington Times. "They were saying, 'I am going to register independent and not give you any more money' — and that's the base of our party saying that," Mr. Pullen said.

Senator Mel Martinez (R-Cuba) has particularly annoyed local Republican leaders by boasting

…the immigration bill "could be the saving of the Republican Party." Chuck Laudner, the Iowa Republican Party executive director, told The Times that Mr. Martinez is "dead wrong because the bill doesn't save the Republican Party — it drives a wedge right through it." "I don't think the immigration bill is going to save the Republican party," Cindy Costa, the Republican national committeewoman from South Carolina, told The Times. "If you undermine your base as this bill does, I don't hardly see how that can save the GOP"…

Mr. Laudner called Mr. Martinez's assertion "nonsense" and said the Iowa state party has "had nothing but angry phone calls streaming into our office since it was announced last week that [Senate leaders] had cut this deal on a bill — not one happy caller."

The Republicans are in a nightmare. Demons have seized control of the party, who care nothing for its future - or the Nation’s. Let us hope the Republicans follow the lead of Randy Pullen and his associates and wake up.

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