Derbyshire On Paul Gottfried's Latest Book
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In TakiMag, John Derbyshire has a review of Paul Gottfried's War And Democracy:

The last time I saw Paul Gottfried was at the Mencken Club bash last November. At one point between lectures I passed him in a hallway having an animated conversation in French with some French visitors. A year or so before that, Paul and I were both speakers at Hans-Hermann Hoppe’s Property and Freedom Society conference in Bodrum, Turkey. Professor Hoppe’s attendees were disproportionately German and Austrian. Paul seemed to be doing most of his offstage conversing in German. A couple of years before that I committed, in an online column, some minor solecism with a technical term from Greek philosophy: Paul emailed in with a correction, including a full account of the etymology and Aristotelian usage of the offending term. 

Paul Gottfried is not merely erudite, he is erudite in several languages, living and dead.[Paul Gottfried’s Calm Despair, January 3, 2013]

Derbyshire himself is better at talking foreign than I am—he speaks Chinese, muddles along in mathematical Russian and German, and made an attempt learn Turkish for a trip to Bodrum.

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