Derb On Impeachment: "You Don't Win Wars Without Fighting."
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I was sorry to see that Pat Buchanan in his column disagrees with me about the need to impeach Obama (although we've disagreed before, and Pat didn't address Obama's recent dissolution of the border).

So I was particularly delighted to have John Derbyshire's support, in the current edition of Radio Derb. For the apparently dwindling band who, like me, find listening and watching too slow, I append the transcript—hyperlinks in original:

Impeachable offenses?

My main impression of Obama as President is that he finds administration boring.

I'm not unsympathetic. I'm a lousy administrator, too. I can easily imagine how the guy feels. I've never felt the urge to run for President, though. It's an administrative job; that's why we call it "an administration." You have to read a lot of memos about topics you're not interested in, and sit through endless meetings, and get into the weeds with personnel issues. May I quote Mencken again? Thanks. Quote:

All day long the right hon. lord of us all sits listening solemnly to bores and quacks … It takes four days' hard work to concoct a speech without a sensible word in it. Next day a dam must be opened somewhere … The Presidential automobile runs over a dog. It rains.

End quote. Some people like that stuff, but Obama plainly doesn't.

Some people don't like it, but peg away doggedly at it from a sense of duty or love of country. That's not Obama either. Duty involves caring about other people more than you care about yourself, and he's too much of a narcissist, to judge from his autobiography. Love of country is completely alien to you if, like Obama, you have internalized the Cultural Marxist notion that our country is founded on evil and oppression and needs, actual quote from Obama, "fundamentally transforming," end quote.

So we have a guy who thinks our country needs "fundamentally transforming," but is too detached to take on the necessary administrative chores. So he's left the transforming to cronies like the appalling Eric Holder, while he plays golf and whoops it up at fundraisers.

Should we impeach him? There's a case for and a case against.

The case against impeachment was put by Pat Buchanan, and can be read at Pat's approach is strategic, sample quote:

With the economy shrinking 3 percent in the first quarter, with Obama sinking in public approval, and with the IRS, NSA and VA scandals bubbling, why would Republicans change the subject to impeachment?

The case for impeachment was put by Peter Brimelow, also at Peter pooh-poohs strategy and argues that extreme measures are called for. Sample quote:

This low-risk approach often doesn't work. After all, it's how (along with the expenditure of over $1 billion in campaign contributions) we got we got President Romney, to say nothing of Presidents McCain and Dole.

End quote. Read them yourself and make a judgment.

Where's Radio Derb on this? Pro-impeachment. You don't win wars without fighting, and there's an important war to be fought here: a war for the Republican Party. Mass Third World immigration across open borders will destroy our country if not stopped. The GOP leadership has no intention of stopping it, though, because it's what their donors want.

The Republican Party has to make up its mind whether to serve its donors or its voters. The donors have been enthusiastic this last couple of Presidential cycles, the voters not so much. Defeatism, and lack of interest in donorist candidates like Mitt Romney and Eric Cantor, have kept voters home.

Let's stir 'em up. Impeachment might be the thing to do it.

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