Radio Derb Is On The Air: President Obama's Taste In Preachers, Etc.
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This week I return to a somewhat neglected topic:  President Obama’s taste in preachers, in this case the Rev. Dr. Jim Wallis.

Who he?  Let me quote from the Daily Caller story, quote:

“Dr. Jim Wallis has been an icon in the liberal evangelical world for decades, through his political advocacy and as the editor-in-chief of the liberal Christian magazine Sojourners. Currently, in addition to his editorial duties, he is also a spiritual advisor to President Obama, one that visits the White House on a regular basis. The White House visitors log has 65 mentions of a Jim or James Wallis, often marked specifically as a meeting with the President or the First Lady.”

So this divine is a very big player in the nation’s religious life.  What does he have to say to us poor sinners?  More quotes from the Daily Caller story.

Quote:  “On Sunday, June 29, Wallis gave a speech at Wild Goose Festival, a progressive Christian music festival in Hot Springs, North Carolina, entitled, ‘Racism is America’s Original Sin.’  In his speech, Wallis called America a country founded on racism and accused all Americans, especially those who take conservative political stances, of being racists.”

Wow, that’s pretty darned original!  I never heard anything like that before.

After several more quotes along the same lines:
OK, Rev’m Jim, we get it:  You’re a semi-literate low-IQ race hustler who hates white people and hasn’t had an original thought since you got out of grade school. Fair enough, and plenty of people have these little bees in their bonnets.  Here’s my question, though:  Why do you feel the need to dress it up in God talk?  What’s it got to do with the Christian message?

Obama having dumped the Rev. Jeremiah Wright under the proverbial bus, I guess this is the replacement act.  Obama really seems to like this stuff.  I find that fact deeply shocking, but apparently very few citizens agree with me.

I feel pretty sure, in fact, that if N is the number of Americans who, like me, find it shocking for our President to extend multiple hospitalities to moronic America-hating ethnomasochists dressed up as Men of God, while M is the number of Americans who find the material here on VDARE shocking, then M is greater than N by at least an order of magnitude.  We live in very strange times.

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  •  Obama’s taste in preachers.  (Shocking to me, not to America.)
  • What’s the story, Jerry?  (If that rings a bell, you’re as old as I am.)
  • Atheist? You must be crazy.  (According to Nigerian Muslims.)
  • This is not ‘Nam, this is bowling.  (Save the lanes!)
  • Marriage? It’s a crock.  (The next legislative frontier.)
  • Glorious Twelfth.  (Equal opportunity celebrations.)
It’s all there at Taki’s Magazine.


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